Friday, July 2, 2010

Just Ride Who's Who? Spotlight: Series "The Folks"

As you have followed along this blog, you probably already have gotten a sense of who Stephen McCloskey is and the drive behind why he rides. But he will be the first to tell you that a ride like this is not just about the rider- in fact, this ride wouldn't be possible without an entire team of ASJ supporters. The "Just Ride Who's Who" series will periodically highlight just these folks, the people behind the story that are really making it all happen.

Today's "Who's Who" Spotlight: "The Folks"

A.K.A (Also known as): Pollie's Folks- Mark and Diane Bohn

Random Facts about Mark and Diane:
- Born and raised in North Dakota
- Lived (until recently) in Minnesota on Leech Lake
- Adore their many grandkids
- Have a knack for creating community where ever they go
- View retirement as an opportunity to say "yes" to crazy haired ideas

How they got involved in Steve's Just Ride:

Well, basically, they were asked. They said yes.

As uninteresting of a story as that is, that is pretty much how it works with Mark and Diane. In October, they rented out their home in MN, sold their furniture, packed up the rest into storage, bought a 5th wheel trailer and hit the road in order to help make a difference in whatever way they could. The volunteered in post-Katrina Louisiana for 5 months, before hitting the road once again and serving at a Lutheran camp in WA for two months. And on June 19, they loaded up their truck with peanut butter, trail mix, bike gear, tents, and ventured out to be Steve's support vehicle and pack mule for 38 days on the road. (And Pollie loves the fact that her husband actually looks forward to the idea of being in tight living quarters with his in-laws for that many days!)

Why they got involved:
If you were to ask them, the answer would probably be a humble shrug of the shoulders and the simple answer "Because we can." Mark's dry wit would come through in a response along the lines of "Why not?" or even "We've got nuthin' better to do." But spend a few hours on the road with them along Montana highways, and it is very clear that their reasons why run much deeper.

It is because they can, but it also is because of their faith in a Love that is so much bigger calls them to service. It is because they are able, but it is also because they have known the presence of grace in their own lives time and time again when community has surrounded them. And it is because their definition of "grandkids" is much bigger than the 6 they have in MN. Though they have never been to Honduras, nor spent time at the orphanage that has stolen the hearts of their daughter and son-in-law, these children, the children of Honduras, have also become their grandkids. And the work of ASJ, they will tell you, symbolizes the hope they have for all of these grandkids for a more just world.

Keep following the blog and watch for the second installment of the Just Ride Who's Who Series: Next Spotlight: "Pinch Hitter"

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  1. Thank you so much, Mark & Diane, for all you are doing for Steve, AJS, and Honduras!!!! --Abe