Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who's Who Spotlight Series: Pinch HItter

As you have followed along this blog, you probably already have gotten a sense of who Steve is and the drive behind why he rides. But he will be the first to tell you that a ride like this is not just about the rider- in fact, this ride wouldn't be possible without an entire team of ASJ supporters. The "Just Ride Who's Who" series will periodically highlight just these folks, the people behind the story that are really making it all happen.

Today's "Who's Who" Spotlight: "Pinch Hitter"

A.K.A (Also known as): Pete Schnebele
Random Facts about Pete:
- Born and raised in the Seattle area
- Has 4 kids, and 9 wonderful grandkids
- Will be celebrating his 67th birthday while doing this ride
How he got involved in Steve's Just Ride:

Pete is a fellow church members at Holy Spirit Lutheran Church in Kirkland, WA. This past spring, when he heard that Ste had plans to bike across county to benefit ASJ, he said “Gee, that sounds like something I’d be interested in doing.” And without even a twist of the arm, Steve had a pinch hitter to join the ride, at just about the point that it seemed that Montana would go on forever. Pete joined Steve in Billings, MT and has been a wonderful addition to the Just Ride team.

Why he got involved:

Pete’s passion for adventure, runs as deep as his faith. And he didn’t hesitate a bit when given an opportunity to do a ride that was for a worthy cause. And in his own words, ASJ certainly fit the bill for a solid organization.” Pete’s was even further inspired when ASJ co-founder Kurt Ver Beek came and spoke at his church about the amazing work they were doing in Honduras.

The ride has also given Pete a chance to see a part of the U.S. he had never seen before. And he hasn’t been disappointed by the scenery or the people, both of which are at the top of his list of highlights on this ride. “If you want to really experience a part of a country,” Pete said, “there is no better way by bike.”

Keep following the blog and watch for the third installment of the Just Ride Who's Who Series.

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  1. Pete, that is an AWESOME picture. Too bad you can't ride that rabbit all the way to GR and let him do all the work instead of your legs:-)