Wednesday, June 30, 2010

End of Day 12

An update from Pollie (Steve's Wife)

The end of day 12 brought Steve safely into Harlowton, MT. He has crossed the continental divide (day 11) and is surviving being blown about by Montana winds. He has completed about 830 miles according to the map. When I talk with Steve next I will make sure though to get an official and accurate mileage count from him- I don't imagine that estimates are very fair, when every inch counts out there on the road when you are the one pedaling.

Steve has had very limited internet access, and tonight neither Steve or my parents have have cell phone coverage. Steve called me briefly from a gas station where a generous women lent him her cell phone to call me. He was telling me all about his day (he had had a great day!) and I could hear the woman in the background reassuring him to take his time talking with me. Thanks mystery woman!

Steve was able to send me a few excerpts from his journal from all the way back at Day 2- I'll post them shortly.

Tomorrow (Thursday) will be a 92 mile ride to Billings, MT and then Friday is a well earned rest day.

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