Monday, June 21, 2010

A Generous Campground Manager; Prayers for Support Vehicle

Here's a note Steve's parents-in-law, Mark and Diane Bohn, sent us last night about how the first two days of Steve's Just Ride have gone. Mark and Diane are driving the support vehicle carrying Steve's food, clothes, etc.

Please say an extra prayer--our 2006 Dodge Ram truck is making loud noises--we coasted 10 miles down the mountain with the truck sounding like it was going to explode and into the small town of Vantage, WA. So we called the business in Louisiana that worked on our transmission on March 10.....they will be getting back to us in the morning....SO Steve plans to ride to Wilbur as scheduled tomorrow and we will keep in touch with him and update him on the repair schedule/tow schedule when we have it scheduled.....Hopefully everything will go as speedy as possible.

A little good news....the campground that we are at tonight, remembered the Big Ride [for the American Lung Association, from Seattle to Wash., D.C.] Steve was on 3 years ago, and when I asked if they would be willing to donate a campsite and she was pleased to do that for both the 5th wheel and the tent.

WE KNOW STEVE IS SUPPOSED TO BE DOING THIS RIDE!!! We will get thru his injuries/pain from the bike accident and will get the truck problem solved....and never look back!!!!

Mark & Diane Bohn

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