Friday, June 25, 2010


An update from Steve's Wife, Pollie:

Reunited and it feels so good! My parents, the fifth wheel, and the Dodge truck (complete with new transmission- ouch!), reunited with Steve in Sandpoint, ID last night just before 10pm.

Prior to their arrival, Steve enjoyed an afternoon in beautiful Sandpoint. When I first called him yesterday afternoon, he answered the phone, completely skipping over "hello, how are you?" and jumping right to, "Wifey, we are going to retire here." He strolled through downtown, eating ice cream shakes (Should that be plural? I am not sure, but I wouldn't doubt it) and running some errands. He stopped in the local bike shop, and the three shop employees immediately recognized Steve from his interview that aired on the local news just the night prior! They had a great time talking about his ride and the cause he believes so much in.

My inbox and facebook page have been flooded with comments of support cheering Steve on. And mixed in with the cheers has been a certain amount of awe at what he is doing. I pass all of these comments along to Steve and I think it somewhat baffles him. Because from Steve's perspective, this just is what he does, it is just who he is. He is a cyclist, and he rides. And sure, it is a bigger challenge then just his daily commute to work, or long distance weekend training rides. But he just keeps saying over and over, "I just wanted to find a way that I could make a difference." For him, the logical answer was to just start peddling. And so he did.

Cheering you on all the way Hon!

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  1. Atta go Steve !!
    One week into the Ride and you're going strong in spite of some "bumps" in the road. Keep on pedalin' friend. It will be great to see you soon in Billings and join the effort for a geat cause.... AJS... AJS... AJS...