Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Spreading the word in Wilbur; on the homestretch into Spokane

Here's another update via Diane:

She and Mark are still camped out in Vantage, WA, waiting to get their truck transmission fixed, but they are in contact with a mechanic who should be able to fix it in the next couple of days.

Meanwhile, Steve is pushing on. Yesterday (Monday) he biked about 80 miles from Vantage to Wilbur, carrying all the food and water he needed for the day on his bike. In Wilbur he was hosted by the Hanson family, parents of friends of Steve and Pollie, and spoke to a group of 20 people gathered at the Hanson  home about his passion for justice in Honduras and for AJS's work.

Today Steve saddled up and rode towards Spokane; at the time of this post he was 1-2 hours from arrival. He'll have a rest day in Spokane tomorrow, and then Thursday will hit the road again.

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