Saturday, June 19, 2010

Steve has begun his journey!

I just got off the phone with Steve's mother-in-law, Diane Bohn. She and her husband, Mark, are driving the support vehicle for Steve.

Diane told me they had a wonderful blessing ceremony at the church Steve and his wife, Pollie, go to, Holy Spirit Lutheran in Kirkland. The ceremony was attended by people from their church as well as by other AJS supporters from the Seattle area.

Diane said they are already getting some rain, but "that shows it's a real bike ride."

On another note, Steve's ride is already generating publicity! Check out this story published yesterday afternoon on the Kirkland News website.


  1. Steve and Pollie, it was great riding with you and Pete yesterday on the first part of your ride and we wish you success in your quest to ride to Grand Rapids and raise money and awareness for the cause.


  2. Steve,
    It's great to get the "Just Ride" bike journey off and rolling. I enjoyed getting over that first big mountain pass with you and Pollie. Keep on peddlin' for AJS and see you in Billings.